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Daniel Struyf - Founder 

As an embodiment coach, I use movement and the intelligence of the body to bring deep and lasting transformation in people.

I work with individuals, corporations and associations to bring people :

- more confidence and authentic leadership

- awareness of attitude and posture towards a more adapted stance
- a stronger connection to their inner self and purpose
- a sense of inner freedom and joy
- less stress and inner peace
- resilience and ability to embrace change/transitions

- letting go of self limitations


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After an academic parcours at the Catholic University of Leuven ( Master Middle Eastern studies ), NIAASC Cairo (Masters in History) and Lancaster University

(LLM International Law), my professional career took on several colors.

I worked over 20 years in the jewelry and gemstones business industry globally. 

During that period I had the chance be exposed to public relations, people management, and to the art of influencing and persuading clients. I have been privileged to live in multiple countries, working in a variety of fields, from tourism to  journalism, trading, luxury and auctions. I developed a strong interest of how humans function in the different situations of life. I became passionate with human behavior, non-verbal communication and overall how people embody their stories positively or not - there was so much to learn. I decided to go beyond my intuitive skills and interests in human development by training myself in the different bodily disciplines in order to guide and help people. This is how I transitioned into my new passion and went from a diamond expert to a well-being advocate, I founded Human Motions to help people find their inner diamond and brilliance. My mission is to impact people's well-being, mental and physical health. And making everyone realize that they are entitled to joy, fulfilment and to achieve their full potential.

Main Qualifications

5Rhythms® Accredited Teacher  (New York) 

The Power of Embodied Transformation

(Coaches Rising) (IFC)

Embodiment Coach certified (London) 

Auto Hypnose certified 

Happiness Coach Hapiitude (Delhi)

Stretch and Breath coach (Barcelona)

200 Hrs Yoga TTC  J. Hyman (Goa)

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